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Massages and beauty treatments

The Berg Luxury Hotel offers a wide range of massages with the help of professional masseurs! All treatments are carried out exclusively with essential oils for SPA use.

The service can be booked by the customer at the reception!

For the most demanding Guests it will be possible to book the service directly in the room.

The professional massage cabin is located on the 5th floor of the building.

Hotel Berg wishes you a good MASSAGE !!!!!!!!


Hemolymphatic Massage - Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. it effectively acts on the imperfections due to a slowed veno-lymphatic microcirculation. Recommended on stimulation and toning of tissues, cellulitis, edema, abdominal swelling, colitis and constipation. 45 min. 

Reiki Massage - Helps the body relax and come into deep harmony with itself. On a more practical level, it reduces the effects of insomnia, strengthens the immune system and strengthens the body and mind. 45 min.

Relaxing Massage (Antistress) - Acts on various points of the body, stimulates the body's energy, reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation. Reducing anxiety states and stress levels are among the benefits. 45 min.

Stone Massage - Through hot stones resting on the different energy points of the body, loosens the muscles, relieves tension, detoxifies the body and smoothes the skin, infusing a feeling of deep well-being and relaxation. 50 min.

Decontracting massage - It reactivates the nervous system, maintains a good muscle tone and improves circulation with consequent positive effects on the tissues, eliminating toxins and excess fluids. 45 min.

Leg draining massage - Drainage nourishes the tissues better and restores water balance with a regenerating effect. 25 min.

Toning aesthetic massage - Modeling and firming. Relieves tensions, reduces the sense of heaviness and gives a regenerating effect. 50 min.

Anti-cellulite massage - This massage, through drainage and stimulation maneuvers, helps to improve circulation problems. 50 min.

Exfoliating scrub - This treatment is useful to restore new vigor to the skin by eliminating dead cells from the most superficial layer. 30 min.

Anti-aging and firming facial massage - the massage guarantees the reactivation and acceleration of the local micro-circulation of the facial areas of both the dermis and the muscular tissues. The efficiency of micro-circulation generates, over time, a greater brightness and elasticity of the skin that will be much smoother with a noticeable reduction of wrinkles. 30 min.




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